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Discover the BRAND’S® legacy

Celebrating 180 years of Heritage, Health and Hope

Royal Beginnings


A Royal Broth

In a bid to give King George IV’s ailing health a boost, Mr. Henderson William Brand, the head chef of the royal kitchen, concocted a unique broth and thus, Essence of Chicken was created.


Sharing it with the People

Great care and devotion was taken by Mr H.W. Brand to create an elegant and palatable broth that was nourishing for the body. After his retirement, he made BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken available to the public – it was a resounding success.


Receiving the Royal Seal of Approval

The British Monarchy recognised the value and outstanding quality of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, bestowing the prestigious Royal Warrant in 1897.


Growing the Family

BRAND’S® Essences expanded into different formats and flavors, such as beef and mutton essences in jellies. It gained fame and became known as the ideal health supplement for those recovering from illnesses and injuries.


Fame in the Far East

London could barely keep BRAND’S® a secret as word of the “broth-in-a-can” spread quickly to the Far East. Asia was soon introduced to BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken and it gained popularity swiftly due to its health benefits.

Quality, Innovation & Trust


Sealing in the Goodness

To preserve the complete nutritional value of the brew, the BRAND’S® Phoenix Cap was created. This metal cap with an innovative double lock system offered maximum protection against leakage, allowing the goodness of the broth to be enjoyed to its fullest.


Meeting Asia’s Growing Appetite

With the ever-growing demand in Asia, the first manufacturing facility was established in Singapore. Today, BRAND’S® is manufactured in several key Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.


The Scientific Stamp of Approval

The first scientific research study was published in 1989 by Dr Catherine Geissler from King’s College, the leading English University. To date, BRAND’S® has 38 scientific papers published from leading universities in Asia and UK/Europe under its belt, detailing the efficacies of Essence of Chicken.

  • Geissler C, Boroumand-Naini M, Tomassen C. Large acute thermic response to chicken essence in humans. Nutr Rep Int. 1989;39(3):547-56.


The Spirit of Innovation

Staying true to the spirit of constant innovation, BRAND’S® constantly explores new formats, flavours and products to deliver health to our customers. BRAND’S® is the first in the market to combine various health-enhancing ingredients such as Cordyceps with Essence of Chicken. BRAND’S® has also encapsulated the goodness of Essence of Chicken into convenient tablets.


Constant Improvements

After over a decade of research, BRAND’S® introduced the world’s first triple safety feature bottle cap for our core bottled products – the patented Band Guard (BG) Cap. The convenient “twist-open” packaging built on German technology fuses the advantages of metal and plastic caps, ensuring a three-step safety control with the “Hear, Touch, Feel” process. This translates to hearing a “pop” when opening a properly sealed bottle of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, followed by a touch to loosen the safety band guard, and finally, being able to feel the concaveness of the cap just before uncapping the bottle.

Future Forward


Breathing New Life into a Noble Heritage

BRAND’S® celebrates its 180th anniversary with the creation of BRAND’S® Limited Edition Essence of Chicken. This inspired blend combines the original Essence of Chicken broth and selected western herbs, a way for our consumers to savour the original broth that was fit for a king.

For Health, For Life.

For 180 years, BRAND’S® has only one focus in its path – to give health to the people. As BRAND’S® celebrate 180 years of heritage, health and hope, we aspire to continue to deliver the promise of high quality and wellness to you, for generations to come.

The Fight to Save Lives

The Bubonic Plague resurfaced for the third time in history in 1894, rapidly spreading through Hong Kong. In a short 60 days, the plague killed more than 100,000.

This was to be known as the Hong Kong Plague Epidemic.

During this time, a renowned Scottish physician and co-founder of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese which later grew into the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, Sir James Cantlie, studied the outbreak of the plague. He noted that BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken was effective in treating the effects of the plague in a report, read before The British Medical Association.

This further reinforced BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken as the healthy supplement for the weak, injured and convalescent during that time.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

In 1912, doctors in Singapore faced many cases of minor illnesses that were nevertheless trying for patients. The common ailment was slight malaria accompanied by a form of imitation gastritis, followed by a mild but irritating bronchial affection. This combination of unpleasing symptoms combined to give patients a considerate loss of appetite.

With a natural jelly form, the original BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken was just what the doctor ordered. It proved to be highly palatable compared to other health supplements or remedies and perfect for when patients were facing a loss of appetite.

Those Who Know Health, Know Us

For years, medical professionals have praised the effectiveness of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken.

In 1930, the revitalising health benefits of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken were quoted in at least six British nursing journals. In fact, according to The British Journal of Nursing, out of 100 doctors, 99 had recommended BRAND’S® Essences for their patients.

In 1989, the first scientific research study on BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken was carried out by scientists at King's College London, the leading English university.

In 2006, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken became the first-ever health supplement to be awarded the International Physiological Anthropology Design Award (IPADA) Grand Prize, awarded to companies that are dedicated to the development of products that improve the lives of individuals in today’s busy and competitive world.

Today, BRAND’S® is featured in over 38 published scientific research papers published in collaboration with scientists from universities in the U.K, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Fun fact

The efficacies of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken was quoted in at least 6 British nursing journals in 1930.

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Fun fact

Do you know that 150 million bottles of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is produced annually? That’s enough to fill 2650 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

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